Friday, July 24, 2009

"In For The Long Haul"

This "spotlight" technique was demonstrated to me by Diana Gibbs (yes I know my maiden name but not related that I know of - just stamping sisters!) on USTamp today so I ignored all my To do things list and sat down and made this card. I really wanted to use the bear from the set "Under the Stars" but he was too big for this card. So use a little imagination and enjoy. Ok ok I'm going back to cutting card stock. Darn you're no fun!!! LOL.

yamaha rhino class actionfile:///Users/debrakeane/Desktop/6a0115702a7532970b0115703cc36b970c-500pi.jpg


Lainee said...

I love your take on this technique, Debbie. You have done a good job with it.

Tracey Old said...

Great thinking, that set is fantastic for that technique:)