Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gifts from New Zealand

What a wonderful surprise I got in the mail a few weeks ago. This boot and awesome kiwi bird
came in a box with some other stamped goodies with chocolates from my dear friend Tracey and another fellow stamper Holly G. who made me a pocketbook with chocolates. I wanted to show you the boot and kiwi bird in our Christmas tree and Tracey, know that these ornaments will be on our tree every year now. I sent her a little package of Reese's candy bars since they can't get those over there. I hope they got through customs okay!!!

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Tracey Old said...

Your new decorations look fantastic on your tree!!! I'm glad you liked your Kiwi:-) Ooh I wonder what will be in the parcel that I can't get in NZ!

Sarah Keane said...

Tracey, we lovvved the kiwi! He was the perfect addition to our tree!