Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh That Mr. Darcy!

So today I was teaching a brayer class and guess who wanted
to stamp too? Yep! He was right up in my lap and checking
everyone out and looking at what they were doing! I think he
was saying something like, "Hey this is my stamp area and no
one, I mean no one gets my stamp pad!!!! Always has to be
the center of attention.

So I was looking for Mr. Darcy yesterday after our walk and
couldn't find him. That's when I spotted him in the dining room
chewing on the dice from my Bunco group. Not the dice we play
with but a set someone can wear when they get a Bunco. So I guess
what Mr. Darcy is saying is that he wants to sub for anyone that
can't make the next game!!!!

1 comment:

Tracey Old said...

Ooh how cute is that mr Darcy! Can't wait till I get a puppy!