Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello Everyone

Well those of you who follow my blog and might have been wondering where I've been well here is the scoop. I have been wearing a air cast boot since the first of January for some foot problems I had been having for a year and a half. Yesterday I had surgery for cyst/tumors in my heel bone and other parts of my foot. The doctor had to cut a window in my heel bone, biopsy the cyst and then insert synthetic bone and then reattach the bone window. He also found some other areas in my foot that he didn't like the looks of and cleaned up some of it but thinks I will need more surgery down the road. Arthritis is not my friend!!! I have a big bandage and splint up to my knee and right now my leg is numb from the knee down to help with the pain. I have a cute little knee scooter to help me get around because I don't have enough upper arm strength to use crutches to walk very far so the scooter is a big help. I can't put any weight on my left foot for a month!!! So no getting upstairs to my stamp room. Talk about depression!!! So I will just have to enjoy all of your creations out there in cyberland until I can get up there again. I may get my friends to bring down some of my things to play with if I start going through some bad withdrawals!! I have so many wonderful friends here to help me when my dear and patient husband isn't home. But for now I am stuck in bed with my foot elevated and Mr. Darcy lying next to me. What more could I possibly want? Since I'm not able to go anywhere I will probably write on my blog a little from time to time to keep you posted if you are interested otherwise see ya later.


Tracey Old said...

Oh you poor thing! At least the surgery is behind you now! And all there is for you to do is relax and wait for it to start healing! You will be glad your leg is numb it would be too painful otherwise! I have been thinking about you and I wish I lived closer so I could come and keep you company;-) I will try you in a few days to see if you want to have a chat!
Love Tracey xx

Kathryn Mangelsdorf said...

Hi Debbie, Sorry to hear that you are still having a few issues with your foot and now it is your whole leg. Just enjoy having the relaxing time but I know I miss our chats on Ustamp. Have only been online for about 10 minutes this time around as when I am free no one is chatting. Take care.