Thursday, August 5, 2010

"I Am Not A Hoarder. I Am Not A Hoarder"!

Well today I didn't stamp. My youngest daughter who lives two hours away was home a few days ago and left her wallet behind. So I felt funny about putting it in the mail so I got up this morning and drove the two hours to deliver it to her in person. I got there at about 8:30 and after I handed the wallet to her, we went and picked up her older sister and I took them to breakfast at a place called "Joes". At least I know they both had one good meal today!!! After we ate I dropped them off at home and at work and left to drive back to Virginia Beach. I took a different way because the traffic is so bad on the road I usually travel and had been told that this other route was better. Ha! I sat on the highway for almost an hour because of an accident and well..... I had had about 3 or 4 cups of coffee and well you know what I was feeling. Ugh! I was sooooo uncomfortable. Finally got home an hour later than I was suppose to. So to my title for today. I caught the tail end of Oprah which I think was a rerun and it was about hoarders. Now the people on her show really have some issues but it got me to thinking of all my craft stuff in the attic and in the stamp room. I started thinking and this is a little dark but what if something happened to me? OMG. I don't want all this stuff that I am not using, have not used in probably ten years or more, and probably will never use to be found by my kids or worse yet strangers. But I wouldn't want my family to have to deal with all this stuff. So I have been upstairs at intervals because it is so hot cleaning out so much stuff. I have three piles. One is trash, one is for the Salvation Army and the Senior Center and the other is for a few items I will keep. I feel better already. I watched Kimberly Van Diepen's videos that have been posted these past few days and she said if you can't use it in your business, then get rid of it. Right you are Kimberly. I will never use this stuff. So I am finished rambling and I am sure there are many of you all out there that are in the same boat. I just wanted to hold myself accountable by posting this. Thanks for listening. You all are certainly cheaper than a therapist!!! LOL. I hope you had a good day.

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Melissa Carr said...

That is too funny Debbie! As I was reading, I was thinking about the boxes in my attic...YIKES! About Kimberly's video series, I have found them VERY useful too! See you next week!