Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toadally Cool

So this was a swap I made using the Funky Four stamp set in the Stampin Up Idea Book and Catalog. I used Play Date DSP to go along with it. Now I'm not real crazy about this card and the only reason I'm posting it is because it goes along with my little story and the pictures below. Yesterday I was outside with my dogs and I kept looking out at the front yard thinking there was a piece of trash that needed to be picked up. It was a little windy out and the piece of trash was not moving. So I ventured out into the yard where this piece of "trash" was and well as you can see below in the pictures it was not trash but the biggest toad stool I have ever seen. Well as least in my yard. But the story doesn't stop there.
As I was taking pictures, I noticed this big dark circle in the yard and the mushroom was on the edge. Actually there are two circles side by side. Eerie isn't it? So after taking pictures I ran inside and googled "dark circles in lawn". The dark circles are called "fairy rings" and the mushrooms grow around it. It is some kind of fungus. And here I thought I might have some sort of aliens landing in my front yard!!
I'm going to watch this baby for the next few days and see if it gets any bigger. It's bigger than Mr. Darcy's head right now (he's my dog) so if it does grow any more I will take a picture of Mr.Darcy sitting beside it! Yeh right. Have a great day.

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Melissa Carr said...

How strange, but a wierd toady way! We had some strange ones that looked like a loaf of bread last year!