Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Love The Yankees!

So yesterday morning my husband and I drove to Baltimore to see the Yankees beat the Orioles last night, 11-3. It was such a great game. I got to see Derek Jeter make some awesome plays, plus there was a pickle and two home runs by the Yankees. Our seats were on the Yankee dugout side of course and we had awesome seats by 3rd base so I could look at Derek all night long!!! Back to the drive up. It was miserable. It should have only taken us about 5 hours but there was one bad accident and then just so much traffic on 95. Ugh! So we got there about 4:30, checked into our hotel which was very nice and then walked to the game on a beautiful night. The weather was perfect. The stadium had 44, 550 in attendance. I will say I didn't see any empty seats and most of the seats were filled by Yankee fans. They were out in full force. I'm back home now and watching the 3rd game of the series on TV hoping that the Yankees will sweep the series. As soon as the game is over, I'm going to go up and stamp some and get ready for my classes this week. It's been a great weekend. Hope yours was too!

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