Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lap of Luxury

So I am watching American Idol tonight and thinking that these young ladies are so confident to get up on that stage in front of millions and sing their hearts out. I don't recognize all the songs which makes it hard for me to always judge the song since I don't know the tune and how it should be. Does that make sense? I am getting ready to teach several card classes and some are with ladies I have known for awhile and I feel very comfortable with them. And then some of the classes are with ladies I have never met and there is always a degree of apprehension when I am teaching strangers. I worry that they might not like the choices I have picked to teach them but it is so hard to please everyone. I can only hope that I make the classes enjoyable for them. So after watching these ladies tonight on Idol, I'm thinking I should not be nervous being in front of six or seven people. It could have been millions! Ha! This is one of the cards that my ladies will be making Saturday morning. I am loving the In Color, Concord Crush. Hope you like it too.

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