Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our State Bird - The Cardinal- and ............

This fat guy is enjoying the bird seed daily. My hubby is filling up all the feeders almost every other day. It is so worth it to see the beautiful colors of these birds and the little yellow finches. I'm still trying to get a picture of a blue jay and blue bird. They just don't stick around long enough for me to grab my camera. One day about a month ago I happened to look out and saw the most odd looking bird eating out of the tray.

Yep. It's a squirrel bird!!! I couldn't believe it. I tried to scare him by tapping on the window but he wouldn't budge. Then I ran downstairs and out to the deck. The squirrel ran across the railing up the side of the house and perched himself on the roof looking down at me as if to say, Ha ha, can't catch me! Needless to say he has been back a few times that I know of.

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Tracey Old said...

Ohhh Wow! How bright is that bird! And the squirrel the little sneek! We must catch up soon! I will be home most of tomorrow so skype me if you have the time;-) Would love to catch up with you! XX