Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Wow! What a nice gesture to be given this award by Jenny Adams, an awesome Aussie Stamper that has a great blog of her own. I would like to thank the academy..... lol. Anyway, I'm suppose to list 10 things about myself so if you are interested here I go...
1) I have been stamping for almost 20 years.
2) I have three grown children who I love dearly.
3) I have three dogs : Mr. Darcy, Missy, and Sneakers
4) I love to read
5) I love the movie Pride and Prejudice and have watched it a zillion times. Oh Mr. Darcy!!
6) I have an awesome husband who still takes my breath away when he walks into the room.
He is my Mr. Darcy!
7) I am a school nurse who is off for the summer!
8) I am addicted to Maple Nut Goodies and M&M peanuts!
9) I play Bunco once a month with a great group of friends
10) I love baseball and the New York Yankees are my team.

And now I will pass on this award to some more great bloggers.
1)Di Gibbs
2) Tracey Old
3) Lisa Freeman

Hope you enjoy your award ladies!


Sue Denning said...

Congrats Deb!

You so deserve this Award.

Hope you enjoy your Summer and hav a well earned break.


Treasure Queen said...

So great to read all about you... and you are so lucky to have been stamping for 20 years!!! Fabulous!