Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Call Me Old Red Eyes!

Well here I am with no card to post but with good reason or at least I think so. Last week was the last week of school and so there was a lot going on there, closing up the clinic as well as Bunco at my house Thursday night and then on top of that I got laryngitis the last day of school! Still hoarse but better today. Went to the doctor's after I came down with pink eye yesterday big time! I just don't seem to be able to catch a break but now I am on antibiotics and hopefully in the next day or so I will be better. You know pink eye or conjunctivitis is very contagious so I don't want to touch any of my stampin stuff till I have been on the medicine for at least 24 hours. I had to take my contacts out and wear my old glasses which are not as strong as my contacts so there's another reason I'm not stamping!!! I really miss posting but hope to be able to get something on tomorrow.


Tracey Old said...

You poor thing!!! You don't seen to do things by 1/2 do you! Lets hope now that you mend fast and don't waste your time off being sick!!!Hope to catch up soon! Take care.
Tracey xx

Melissa Carr said...

Oh my, Debbie! Pink eye is yuck...hope after 24 hours, you start to feel some improvement! Feel better soon!

Treasure Queen said...

I'm hoping you have already recovered and are enjoying your holidays!