Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead!

Anyone who knows me , knows that I love "Wizard Of Oz". So I'm sitting here this morning watching the news about the Hurricane "Earl" to see how it's going to affect us on the east coast and for whatever reason this little idea came into my head. I could put the witches shoes from the stamp set "Wicked Cool" underneath my Sissix milk carton house and she's a goner! I had cut out the fence from the set "Dark and Dreary" and put it on my Smooch sprayed house. I'm still not finished with this house. I need to add something else to it. Mmmmmm maybe a few munchkins around the side!! Now there is a "Design A House" in the new Holiday mini that may be more to scale with these witches shoes but I don't have that one yet and of course I just couldn't wait. Well I guess I will get ready for work. I hope you have a great day and to all of my fellow east coaster, stay safe and stay dry!


Tracey Old said...

Don't you just love it when things just come to you! I do! LOL! Love your milk carton!!! The witch sure is a goner! We MUST catch up soon!
Love Tracey xx

Melissa Carr said...

Debbie, that is just too cute! What a creative idea!

Treasure Queen said...

Love it! A squished witch... brilliant! Sure wish we celebrated Halloween a bit more down under!