Saturday, October 9, 2010

Batty For Christmas!

So all day I have been behind in everything I wanted to accomplish today. My daughter, Sarah, would say, "Mom, you should only try to accomplish two things per day". She said then I wouldn't get so frustrated with myself. She's right but my brain can't just pick two things. There is so much I want to accomplish and so little time! Today I planned to go out to one store that was having a great sale and I wanted to get a few Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. My girlfriend Joann went with me. She and her twin sister have been my best friends since high school and we haven't really spent anytime together for awhile so I got to thinking about that and decided to spend a good part of the day with her and figured everything else that I had planned to do could be done later. So I didn't get home til almost 4pm and my dogs were waiting patiently. NOT!!! So I took them out, fed them, walked them and then sat down for a few minutes to rest my tired feet. I started planning my cards for next weeks classes and so went up to the stamp room. There was a few Halloween candy bars on the table that I had not finished decorating and so I stopped to finish them. I took out my bat punch and punched several bats out. Well while they were laying there on the table I got an idea from the way they were situated and so started playing with them and voila', a wreath was born!!!! I hope you enjoy it. Now I have to go and watch the Yankees play ball.


Melissa Carr said...

What a clever idea, Debbie! I love it...TFS!

Tracey Old said...

You are full of great idea's! Love it! I didn't even notice they were bats until I read your post! I thought it was a wreath die! Great work!!!