Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Beautiful Moment In Time

I have to say that when MDS (My Digital Studio) first came out, I was not a big fan. I didn't think it would catch on since you couldn't put all those cute embellishments on the pages and you couldn't have a 3D effect. So what was the point? Boy am I eating my words these days. I have never had so much fun. You can manipulate and change the color and the size of your photos. You can add shadows for depth and there are so many awesome embellishments that you will have a hard time deciding which ones to put on your page. I think one of the best things is that you can put this program on your laptop and carry it with you wherever you go without lugging a bunch of supplies with you. And when you want some new materials such as themed papers, or different fonts, you can go shopping online, download and have it ready to use in minutes. You save a lot of time and gas! The more you use it the easier it is. But then isn't that the way it is with most new things?

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