Saturday, August 17, 2013


I have recently started tracing my family tree and boy has it been interesting. I have discovered ancestors I didn't know about and learn a few things along the way! While my parents were here for my son's wedding, I decided to pick their brains about my heritage. It was amazing to me how much my parents remembered and how many things they shared with me for the first time! I went on and was able to trace my grandparents and their voyage on the ship above from Italy to America. This is the SS Lorraine and my grandfather traveled on it twice! Once when he was 16 with his father and then 10 years later with his bride, my grandmother. I was able to actually see the records from Ellis Island where they were processed. I also learned who my great grandparents were on both sides. Pretty amazing stuff. If you ever have an interest in your heritage, I recommend this site but be careful. It's addicting!!

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